Hi I'm Diana!

I'm a relentless optimist, a champion of great people, and a born storyteller. It fills me up to coach people to feel comfortable on camera and watch them win. I also crack up a lot when someone is taking my picture. Read on to see a little about my professional journey.

Work Highlights

How it started

I spent 15+ years on camera as a local and network journalist. At ABC News, my years were spent covering the Obama campaign, hurricanes, tornadoes, the Royal Wedding and more. As a Today Show correspondent, I interviewed Snapchat's CEO, reported live everywhere from canyons during wildfires to the Playboy mansion. Later, I helmed evening newscasts as a news anchor in NC.

How it's going

Now I'm a corporate communicator, transforming business priorities into compelling storytelling. I also coach clients privately in on camera performance and public speaking. I've successfully trained CEOs, Google execs, federal employees, and retail teams.

But my fave job?

Being mommy to my two kids. I actively work on work/life management, and prioritize my family and pets. Gotta know what's important.

Work with me

On Camera Coaching:
Want to nail every performance? Work with me to master framing, lighting, what to wear - essentially everything you need to get your point across effectively and in a likeable manner
- Min of 3 sessions (each is one hour)
- $250 per session
(Group coaching can be customized - let's chat)

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